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Prime Turbines Certifications

Aviation Terminology

Airframe - Structure of an aircraft

AOG - Aircraft on the ground

Bleed Valve - A part that prevents compressor stalls at low engine speeds

Borescope - A straight tube telescope used to visually inspect the insides of an engine

Core - The original part or engine that a customer is having replaced

DER - Designated engineering representative

Duplex Fuel Nozzles - Each adapter assembly in the set is both primary and secondary with two separate spray patterns. Additionally, the inlet is the adapter that physically connects to the fuel source

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency

Exchange - Interchange of same type or value

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FOD - Foreign object damage

Fuel Exchange Kits - Interchange of overhauled and certified set of nozzles

Fuel Nozzle Set - Set of 14 Fuel Adapter Assemblies consisting of a combination of Primary, Secondary and Inlet, used to introduce fuel as needed into the engine for combustion.

Gas Generator - An assembly consisting of a compressor rotor, hot section, fuel nozzles, bleed valve and accessory drive gearbox. The gas generator case forms the main body of the engine and provides the external attachment points for installing the engine in an airframe

Hot Section - Consists of the compressor turbine disc, compressor turbine blades, vane ring, small exit duct, shroud housing, compressor turbine shrouds and large exit duct and combustion liner

Lightning Strike - When an aircraft has been struck by lightning

MIO - Metal in Oil

MRO - Maintenance Repair Organization

MRT - Mobile Response Team

Off Wing - When engine is removed from the airframe

On Wing - The state of the engine when attached on airframe

Overhaul - The process of restoring and maintaining the part or engine to a serviceable condition

PMA - Parts Manufacturer Approval

Power Section - Consists of a single or dual- stage turbine and shaft driving a two-stage reduction gearbox and output shaft

Pratt & Whitney Canada - Designer and manufacturer of the PT6A engine

Prop Strike - When a prop makes contact with any object

PT6A - A family in a series of turboprop engines designed and manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada for fix wing aircraft.

RTC - Regional Turbine Center

Simplex Fuel Nozzles - Each of the 14 adapter assemblies has a singular spray pattern consisting of either a primary, secondary or inlet adapter

Sudden Stoppage - The sudden loss of thrust to the engine compressor

TAT - Turn-around time

Turboprop - Type of turbine engine which drives an aircraft propeller using a reduction gear

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FAA Repair Station (USA)
EASA Authorized Facility (Europe)

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Our customers are our top priority. When an engine is shipped to us from any location in the world, our goal is simple: provide the highest level of craftsmanship, customer service, and value so that the engine will return to our facilities for all phases of its life cycle.

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